Completed Themes

Theme Author Version Stage
Simple Blue  Not compatible
Dojo's Simple style, in original blue.
Dojo 1.10 [RELEASE]
Simple Black  Not compatible
Dojo's Simple style, in black.
Dojo 1.10 [RELEASE]
Simple Purple  Not compatible
Dojo's Simple style, in purple.
Dojo 1.10 [RELEASE]
Simple Orange  Not compatible
Dojo's Simple style, in Orange.
Dojo 1.10 [RELEASE]
Simple Green  Not compatible
Dojo's Simple style, in Green.
Dojo 1.10 [RELEASE]
Oranges  Not compatible
A fresh Orangey theme.
Dojo 1.1 [RELEASE]
Dark Music  Not compatible
A style for people who love cats and pianos.
Dojo 1.2 [RELEASE]
Nyan Cat  Not compatible
Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan...
Dojo 1.0 [RELEASE]
Red Sox  Not compatible
A theme supporting the Red Sox.
Dojo 1.1 [RELEASE]
Klean (With side)  Not compatible
The Klean theme (with a sidebar).
Dojo 1.1 [RELEASE]
Klean (Without side)  Not compatible
The Klean theme (without a sidebar).
Dojo 1.1 [RELEASE]
Twenty-Eleven  Not compatible
Dojo's theme for 2011.
Dojo 1.0 [RELEASE]
Happy  Not compatible
A happy pink theme.
Dojo 1.0 [RELEASE]
The Dark Divide  Not compatible
MathCounts National Countdown Round ... How many rectangles are there (...)
dragon96 1.1 [RELEASE]
Achievement Unlocked  Not compatible
Improvement of Mister Geek's
El_Ectric 1.0 [RELEASE]
Ice  Not compatible
Ice themed CSS
abcak 1.0 [RELEASE]
Astronomy  Not compatible
Read the title. It is an experiment. There is also a (...)
asf 1.1 [RELEASE]
Wordpress Piano  Not compatible
It's based off of the Wordpress "Piano Black" Theme. (...)
dragon96 1.0 [RELEASE]
Poseidon  Not compatible
One of the first styles ever released.
Dojo 1.5 [RELEASE]
Blue Birds  Not compatible
A cute little blue theme modeled after the Blue Birds (...)
knittingfrenzy18 1.1 [RELEASE]
Completely CSS3  Not compatible
Uses a lot of CSS 3 elements. This theme was (...)
thkim1011 1.7 [RELEASE]
Math Club  Not compatible
For AoPSers who want to make a Math Club with (...)
thkim1011 1.8 [RELEASE]
MathBlog  Not compatible
A math based theme. (kinda)
thkim1011 1.5 [RELEASE]
Lightning  Not compatible
The reason I wrote release in the theme version is (...)
Exit Path  Not compatible
Trying to find an exit path from your blog? This (...)
asf 1.2.1 [RELEASE]
Quizlet  Not compatible
RELEASED, but re-entered.
asf 1.0 [RELEASE]
shadowGlow  Not compatible
released, re-entered. Note: not compatible with IE.
asf 1.01 [RELEASE]
Sublight Theme  Not compatible
[RELEASE] Re-entered from blunder.
asf 0.7 [RELEASE]
Blue Dragon  Not compatible
basketballstar24 1.1 [RELEASE]
Bunny  Not compatible
For the bunny lovers.
brightknight 1.1 [RELEASE]
HoverPwnage  Not compatible
It hovers and pwns and conquers the blog. (parody of asf's (...)
brightknight 1.2 [RELEASE]
Hunger Games  Not compatible
For lovers of the book series and the movie, this (...)
brightknight 2.3 [RELEASE]
Mystic Dark  Not compatible
The sister theme of Calm.
knittingfrenzy18 1.1 [RELEASE]
Faceblog  Not compatible
Try not to mix up your facebook and faceblog windows!
dragon96 1.2 [RELEASE]
Phillies  Not compatible
For the Phillies fans.
brightknight 1.1 [RELEASE]
Remember  Not compatible
Remember Reach
Butler 1.2 [RELEASE]
Chaotic  Not compatible
Uh...have no creative name. Highly self-modifiable. Only tested in Firefox. (...)
chaotic_iak 2.4 [RELEASE]
Baseball  Not compatible
Baseball themed, Red Sox
Dojo 1.1 [RELEASE]
Mandelbrot  Not compatible
Mandelbrot theme Note: The wrapper fading in to the background doesn't (...)
El_Ectric 1.1 [RELEASE]
Bubbly  Not compatible
Somewhat tropical feeling.
Dojo 1.1 [RELEASE]
Prosilver  Not compatible
Simple, rounded, blue theme.
Dojo 1.2 [RELEASE]
Theme Database  Not compatible
Still in DEV stage, based on the site you're on.
thkim1011 1.1 [RELEASE]
Waterfall  Not compatible
A waterfall theme, for all the Yosemite lovers out there.
mathgenius64 1.3 [RELEASE]
TwitBlog  Not compatible
Now have a Twitter-themed blog!
djmathman 1.0 [RELEASE]
Windows 7  Not compatible
As accurate as possible, with full aero realistic blur/opacity.
PythonNut 1.4 [RELEASE]
Well-Rounded Christmas  Not compatible
Christmas Theme I made in preparation for Christmas. <br /><br (...)
Grawr 1.5 [RELEASE]
Print  Not compatible
Based off of the Nature magazine. This is old, dating (...)
asf 2.0 [RELEASE]
Grey  Not compatible
This theme requires the following custom block content: ``` [list][*][url=ht (...)
Tungsten 1.0 [RELEASE]
Star Trek  Not compatible
Want to go to where no man has gone before? (...)
Ambiance 3  Compatible
My last theme.
thkim1011 1.3 [RELEASE]
City  Compatible
A clean, no-hassle, no-sidebar CSS. SCSS source available at https://github.c (...)
NeoMathematicalKid 2.0.0 [RELEASE]


to all the following AoPS users who contributed to Everything Dojo: