Themes in Development

Theme Author Version Stage
Space  Not compatible
A space theme from back in 2010.
Dojo 1.3 [ALPHA]
Twenty-Twelve (One)  Not compatible
One of the themes for Twenty-Twelve... the header is in (...)
Dojo 1.0 [ALPHA]
Blue Screen of Death  Not compatible
The dreaded error screen.
asf 0.9 [BETA]
Let me Google that for you...  Not compatible
asf 1.0 [DEV]
SU Stylesheet  Not compatible
Light theme with SU colors
CA Math 1.8 [BETA]
Nouveau  Not compatible
Nouveau means modern; up to date in French. This is (...)
PythonNut 1.5 [ALPHA]
Happy Holidays  Not compatible
Happy Holidays! A red, green, white and blue medley for (...)
knittingfrenzy18 2.0 [BETA]
Calm  Not compatible
A quiet, greyscale theme with no sidebar. Uses a nice (...)
knittingfrenzy18 1.2 [BETA]
Misty Night  Not compatible
Uh, it looks like a misty night?
dragon96 1.2 [BETA]
Pumpkins and Cats  Not compatible
Some Halloween fun stuff, though not quite 'spooky'...
Smiley-Faces-88 1 [DEV]
Technology  Not compatible
El_Ectric 1.2 [ALPHA]
Blue Car  Not compatible
Blue car by bluecarneal
bluecarneal [STORAGE] [DEV]
Parchment  Not compatible
Looks like parchment on a wooden desk.
brightknight 1.3 [DEV]
Dull Color  Not compatible
A few dullish colors with some color-changing
Smiley-Faces-88 1 [ALPHA]
Blue Warp  Not compatible
Thanks to PythonNut for the Melt Effect and asf for (...)
Smallpeoples343 1.0 [BETA]
Melt  Not compatible
melty grey theme, makes heavy use of animation compatible with all (...)
PythonNut 1.5 [DEV]
Libre  Not compatible
Libre is a french and spanish word for "free" This is (...)
PythonNut 1.6 [BETA]
Comic  Not compatible
Using Fonts normally found in comics... unfortunately I've come to (...)
Dojo 1.0 [DEV]
Legit  Not compatible
A legit style that actually looks like a real blog.
Dojo 1.0 [DEV]
AoPS  Not compatible
Looks like the AoPS home page. (sort of)
El_Ectric 1.0 [DEV]
iGoogle  Not compatible
El_Ectric 1.2 [DEV]
Aero  Not compatible
A Windows Aero Theme IE compatible A theme that uses "opacity" and (...)
PythonNut 1.0 [DEV]
The Dark Side Revisited  Not compatible
Some gradients and stuff
brightknight 1.0 [ALPHA]
Halo 4  Not compatible
Halo 4 CSS
Grawr 1.1 [DEV]
Bounty of the Season  Not compatible
Give thanks to God for all he has blessed us (...)
knittingfrenzy18 1.1 [BETA]
Violin Paradise  Not compatible
A CSS with a picturesque violin background.
genesis2 1.0.0 [DEV]
Fresh  Not compatible
A fresh-looking theme with modern colours - hence the name. (...)
NeoMathematicalKid 1.6.1 [BETA]
Ambiance Blue  Not compatible
thkim1011 1.3 [BETA]
Novus  Not compatible
El_Ectric 1.1 [BETA]
Print  Not compatible
Based off the Nature magazine.
asf 2.1 [BETA]
Revaump Beta  Not compatible
This is Revaump v.BETA1.00. Author: encadyma (Other Services)/thatmathgeek (AoPS (...)
thatmathgeek (encadyma) 1.00 [BETA]
Ambiance Neon Blue  Not compatible
A neon bluish theme.
thkim1011 1.1 [BETA]
Ambiance Green  Not compatible
A greenish theme.
thkim1011 1.1 [BETA]
Ambiance Clear  Not compatible
A clear theme.
thkim1011 1.1 [BETA]


to all the following AoPS users who contributed to Everything Dojo: